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For one reason or another, sometimes I do pieces of work that doesn’t go public. More often or not there is no blameworthy party and things simply don’t go as planned: there isn’t an appropriate publication or the timing is wrong or whatever – stuff gets shelved, that’s cool. Here is a list of some material that has yet to see the life of day (and may well never) or did but isn’t readily available in an obvious place; anything completed with a clearly projected release won’t appear here. That said, this section will be updated regularly in case interviews being held back do wind up going live. If you are interested in accessing any of this for strictly non-commercial purposes, drop me a line (details available in the About section).

Artwork [Audio]
Benji B [Video]
Ben UFO [Audio/Text]
Call Super [Text]
Eliphino [Audio]
Jimmy Edgar [Audio]
J Rocc [Audio/Video]
Luca C [Video]
Matt Tolfrey [Video]
Midland [Audio/Text]
Mister Saturday Night [Audio/Text]
Oneman [Audio/Video]
Ron Morelli & Steve Summers (L.I.E.S.) [Audio/Video]
Ruff Sqwad [Video]
Shadow Child [Video]

Last update: 24/06/13

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