Gabriel Szatan

Actually really, really nice

Track Reviews: 10/02 – 16/02


“”Nº 17 Governing” could easily be mistaken for a 2014 update of the chiming messthetics conjured up by acts like Cabaret Voltaire—or, a less antagonistic Factory Floor demo reel, full of promise.”

Terron: “Nº 17 Governing”, published 12/02/14 on Pitchfork

“Much of Jerome Potter’s output, first as a LOL Boy and now as a solo artist, has been polyamorous and winsome, flirting with an assortment of styles without ever finding a fixed home. Dancehall fritters, grin-inducing early house, chart pop and plenty more have been molten and pooled into different casings to see what worked. That approach reached its logical conclusion on this month’s very good Deleted/Fool EP, setting into a lumpen object you could actually grip.”

Jerome LOL: “Fool [ft. Angelina Lucero]”, published 10/02/14 on Pitchfork



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