Gabriel Szatan

Actually really, really nice

Track Reviews: 27/01 – 02/02


“The track hurtles down a lane closer to late 1990s electro-techno hybrids that managed to balance hyper-sheen and rawness in tandem. The occasional suspensionless power drift breaks up the raw chug, until finally gaskets blow, rivets spin off, and the tyres give out.”

DJ Vague: “Porsche Trax 3”, published 30/01/14 on Pitchfork

“For all the proudly unconventional jus au eski being concocted by grime’s resurged brigade of futurists, the instrumental wing of the genre have traditionally lent on a deviously simple formula for extra potency: light and dark, gloopy and gravelly, sweet and sour. A palpable naïveté existed in these early forays before it was wrenched away, but on “Springtime”, London producer Mumdance beats a retreat, plonking the stylus in a romantic spot of indulgence that augurs well for the future.”

Mumdance: “Springtime”, published 27/01/14 on Pitchfork



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