Gabriel Szatan

Actually really, really nice

Review: Pangaea


“McAuley’s mixing is fluid, using one-touch bursts of bass to denote new arrivals, employing some intermingling blends but generally delivering rightward swipes off the assembly line once tracks serve their purpose. By lacing rhythms together with dainty flair he keeps a good thrust going, applying the brakes at choice moments when the runaway momentum encroaches on exhausting. One sole misstep comes after the impressively varied midsection, when Adam Jay’s dull “Refraction” threatens to break the spell, reminiscent of waiting in a lengthy bathroom queue, sound filtering weakly through from the dancefloor; thankfully Pearson Sound’s enormous rattler “Starbust” lives up to its billing, taking a boltgun and blasting a hole clean through the drywall.”

Pangaea: Fabriclive 73, published 20/01/14 on Pitchfork

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