Gabriel Szatan

Actually really, really nice

Review: Ukkonen


“The tracks draw from the same frosty wellspring, but deviate enough to avoid homogeneity: peculiar tribal chants find their way through through the descending spectral light on “My Euouae”, mirrored in part by the distant rattle of stretched drumskins and exotic chirrups on “Nine Vjetar”, seemingly set on a deserted Aztec battlefield; “Viva Las Huelgas” unassumingly dips into a fluttering breakbeat with little forewarning, one of the few cuts to bare teeth; many tracks have an improvised jazz feel, discombobulated but organic, scattering sparse piano notes out like Easter prizes against formless fragments of percussion.”

Ukkonen: The Ancient Tonalities Of…, published 08/01/14 on Pitchfork

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