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Feature: All Tomorrow’s Parties – End of an Era


“As ATP’s pool of acts to cajole into reforming shrank, so too did corporate festivals begin pinching the very acts that had bought it market leadership. Case in point: when Grizzly Bear, footage of whom pied piping a besotted crowd onto a nearby beach closed out the sublime 2009 feature-length ATP film, can now second-headline Latitude Festival, it signals a pretty dramatic switch in alternative music’s wider appeal. Across the final weekend there were shades of that alternate reality still in existence, when the sheer euphoria triggered by Fuck Buttons’ world-beating Olympians or joyous pogo mania triggered by Superchunk’s one- two of Digging For Something and Slack Motherfucker recast them as parallel Chemical Brothers, or Blink 182; but the feeling was fleeting. In essence, ATP’s universe expanded until a point where it collapsed under the weight of its own influence.”

All Tomorrow’s Parties: End of an Era, published 17/12/13 in Crack Magazine [UK print edition]; reproduced online 07/01/14 at Crack Magazine

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