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Interview: Run The Jewels


“As a policy, Reaganism was evil. His regime was evil. To lionise that type of evil, and even compare yourself to that in the present day, is foolhardy, it’s dangerous and it sends us back down the course of that road, potentially. That’s what I rally against. But for those kids to internalise that message, and say the same set of circumstances happened based on this politician, shows the audience gets it, and that they’re smart. Rap is the reason I began to study harder in school; how I gained a certain consciousness about what was really going on in the matrix we call the world versus what what we were being fed by intelligence. I don’t doubt the ability of my audience to get higher things in rap records.”

Run The Jewels, published 17/12/13 in Crack Magazine [UK print edition]; reproduced online 06/01/14 at Crack Magazine

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