Gabriel Szatan

Actually really, really nice

Track Reviews: 16/12 – 23/12


“Standout cut “Hammers” brings to mind both the twined repetition of Steve Reich and the intensity of Keith Jarrett. Using two pianos at once, Frahm lays an arpeggiated bed which a dark bass melody and weighty, pensive notes rest atop of. His feverish playing is so stimulating that it’s slightly nerve-wracking, the confidence in his precision melting the tense giddiness. The clarity of “Hammers” sounds both intimate and vast, abetted by Frahm’s masterful use of dynamics. It’s transportive and easy to get totally lost within—until the deserved eruption of applause finally breaks the spell.”

Nils Frahm: “Hammers”, published 17/12/13 on Pitchfork

“Taking a literal approach to the subzero plunges and frosty textures, “Pigs Riddim” relocates the brief sino-grime strain of the genre. The cracked, sinister lead-in quickly gives way to depth drops and a number of traditional grime signifiers: coin deposit SFX, crunchy percussion, and guns cocking, rapidly unloading slugs into the night.”

Spokes: “Pigs Riddim”, published 17/12/13 on Pitchfork



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