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Review: Guido


“During the heat of widespread interest, when sparkplug Joker was leading the pack with jagged bombast, Guido appeared more content to mosey behind, eyes fixed toward the sky, conjuring up moments of opulence, clarity and downright loveliness. Those exist here, but are populated more sparsely, and often take dull slogs to prise out.

Traditionally, Guido’s classically-attuned ear has helped push his songs beyond the limitations of a relatively rudimentary digital setup. The healthy balance struck between floor-filling and after-hours appeal is an uncommon trait when juxtaposed with the sawtooth aggression of his then-peers. So it’s disappointing to find Moods padded with a clutch of amateurish numbers that wouldn’t warrant more than brief pause during any given Soundcloud trawl. “

Guido: Moods of Future Joy, published 02/12/13 on Pitchfork



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