Gabriel Szatan

Actually really, really nice

Track Reviews: 18/11 – 24/11


“It’s the sound of bodies being hurled down stairwells, heads slammed into doorframes, nail guns discharging at close range into sheet metal. The blows push lower, forming a jarring lockstep before briefly relenting, skittering around like a torturer affording rare pause before coming back with overwhelming force.”

Snow Bone: “SHO 5337”, published 21/11/13 on Pitchfork

“Vague voices resembling piano chords cycle through a genteel ambient passage of remarkable calm, the stillness punctured only by an unidentified springing in the right channel as urban static rises and falls in the left. The pattern becomes trance-like, akin to watching pylons reflected in frosted windows on a car ride through a particularly peculiar stretch of countryside. The low rumble of an engine marks the final destination, the din of an approaching carnival, rich with children’s laughter; a somnambulant stumble through the soundworld brought to an abrupt close.”

Lost Trail: “October Lights and Fields, Pt. 1”, published 21/11/13 on Pitchfork



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