Gabriel Szatan

Actually really, really nice

Track Reviews: 11/11 – 17/11


“Longstanding spiritual techno head Portable, hailing from the same Cape Town origin point as Esa, uproots that rhythm, hollowing and stretching components out—a high skronk in the left channel, a deep rumble in the right. He keeps the infectious vivacity of the original firmly intact, mapping out a different path on the rainforest tour and carrying the track along with a fuzzier bassline, not too dissimilar from a low phone vibration. The original lead is scribbled across the second half; quivering around while flanked by layered percussive jitters. Both tracks are rich with detail and personality, headstrong and busy without ever becoming wearisome or cluttered, combining to form a heady 17-minute trip.”

Prophets of the South – “Ek Maak Julle Dance” / Portable remix, published 14/11/13 on Pitchfork



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