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Review: Giorgio Moroder & Omar Souleyman + SOPHIE


“Kicks dropped on the off-beat, filters were egregiously slathered across the mix and we were able to sing Toca’s Miracle over the music on at least four occasions; at one point it genuinely sounded as if he was going to lowpass straight into Darude. But people kept screaming all night long as banger after banger – Take My Breath Away! What A Feelin‘! every Donna Summer hit ever! – clattered into one another, often curiously while both his hands were waving in the air. It was silly season, but the crowd largely lapped it up; buoyed by, and in turn buoying, Giorgio’s boundless enthusiasm and desire to please in spite of entry-level technical skills. The ending run formed a neat microcosm: after a scant 90 seconds of I Feel Love curled into a barely-audible monologue to precede his Daft Punk collab, he quickly changed tack and popped on a rapturously received version of Blondie’s Call Me, leading people through a stuttering acapella by cutting the volume arrhythmically, before ending on an EDM edit of the new Lady Gaga single with the bass cut off. Perplexing, sure, but an enjoyable experience nonetheless.”

LEAF: GIORGIO MORODER / OMAR SOULEYMAN + SOPHIE, published 15/11/13 at Crack Magazine

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