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Track Reviews: 28/10 – 03/11


“‘Without You’ is indicative of slow-burning deep house’s gradual crossfade into more trance-like territory. Glistening guitars sweep across channels as a chill-inducing siren’s distant call pierces through the dark of the night. Subtle flourishes from the capable hands of revered producer-cum-engineer Lopazz embellish the hollow, subdued beat, which cautiously ventures upfront, increasing in volume and dovetailing in intensity with a pensive synth snaking through the track.”

John Talabot – “Without You”, published 28/10/13 on Pitchfork

“Her early come-hither confidence now more resembles a scruff-of-the-neck grip, matching FitzGerald’s dark synth tones and added muscularity. He uneasily peels everything back before a daunting warning alarm brings Katy swinging into focus once more, emphatically moving with the (red) lights on as the track careens to a close.”

Katy B – “I Like You”, published 30/10/13 on Pitchfork

“Although stylistically worlds apart, this cut bears similarity to Mosca’s equally epic “Nike”, a state of the union address relayed at breakneck pace, displaying all that is good and evil in the world of eyes-down ripper techno.”

Eomac – “Tunnel”, published 30/10/13 on Pitchfork

“His remix is a reduction. The galloping beat is pared down, the maximalist intensity no longer fills the room, the undulating bassline (a strong undercurrent in the original) has become a slowly descending white mist. Glistening guitar notes are stretched across the gradual build like vapour trails, bearing more than a faint resemblance to any number of crystalline, 800% slowed Youtube edits. It adds up to a different kind of euphoria, closer in spirit to Looping State Of Mind‘s midnight ebbs than From Here We Go Sublime‘s waves of bliss.”

The Field – “Cupid’s Head (Vatican Shadow Remix)”, published 31/10/13 on Pitchfork

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