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Blurbs: Top EPs of 2008-13


“A grab-bag of the greatest arcade soundtracks that never were, Ford & Lopatin’s pre-namechange debut EP is a singular ode to the brothers Akai, Korg and Roland. Bringing elements that colour some of the more prominent electronic releases of the period front and centre proved a canny move.”

Games – That We Can Play, published 14/10/13 on Beats Per Minute

“What’s so endearing is the grace with which Grossi carries these lovesick tales, landing blows but avoiding the cloying despondency that some of his peers fall prey to. A strong 80s vibe persists, especially on the luminous synth tones of “When Your Love Is Safe” and grandiosity of the drums throughout, and this airlocks the songs well – there’s no point penning such earnest music only to get mic-shy when it comes to the crunch.”

Active Child – Curtis Lane, published 14/10/13 on Beats Per Minute

“In a bold move, Krell completely changed everything bar the core compositions themselves, offering up four orchestral reworkings of source material so heavily obscured by buzzy distortion it was – at times – hard to admire the fractured beauty. Not so here. 17 minutes of disquieting brilliance, Just Once is a real showstopper, placing Krell’s shrill, brutal falsetto front and centre with scant else bar a string section for accompaniment.”

How To Dress Well – Just Once, published 14/10/13 on Beats Per Minute

“With very limited wares – basically guitar and a laptop, though his voice does drift across the mix now and again – he painted a desolate landscape around him with purposefully unhurried strokes. What made it particularly intriguing was that instead of the brittle loop-based constructions you may expect, there’s a rare density to this work – dubbed out and faded, but with a clean tonality that separates it from the more alien textures of Tri Angle’s comparable stable.”

Forest Swords – Dagger Paths, published 14/10/13 on Beats Per Minute


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