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Review: Livity Sound


“The Bristolian trio keep the focus largely percussive, drawing upon everything from grime’s whipcrack-heavy menace and jungle’s delayed snare rushes to the metronomic precision of 4/4 and the iciness of techno-flecked dubstep, a scene Pev(-erelist) ruled circa 2008/9. Livity Sound’s output has been bereft of bangers – save for perhaps Kowton’s strung-up standout More Games – so while many of these slot perfectly into mixes, serving as excellent bridges irrespective of what angle you come at them, they lose their shine slightly when exposed to the light of day.”

Livity Sound (Livity Sound), published 07/10/13 in Crack Magazine [UK print edition]; reproduced online 30/10/13 at Crack Magazine



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