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Interview: Oneohtrix Point Never


“If you’re going to rip something, and leak it, just do it like a fucking pro! If you don’t have the album artwork, if you don’t have a lossless file to share, then what you’re basically saying is ‘I’m a shitty fucking cultural parasite’. It’s as if I give you this fake Céline bag, a fake version of the real thing. If you go buy a fake then that’s cool, but you start noticing the zipper is a little lower than it should be, or the material on the inside falls apart quicker. I wouldn’t say it’s such a huge deal, 256 or whatever, but like, yo, the option for 320 was right there! I’m not even saying do FLAC! If you want to do MP3 or M4A, fine, but you didn’t even do 320, so where are your priorities, buddy?”

Oneohtrix Point Never, published 05/10/13 in Crack Magazine [UK print edition]; reproduced online 29/10/13 at Crack Magazine



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