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Track Reviews: 23/09 – 29/09


“”Crystals” is a paranoid, menacing beast that dials down the emotional rushes in favour of an agitated tone. The track features plenty of Clams’ trademarks– vague alien sounds, a robust melodic bassline, dehumanised vocal samples– but he plumbs significantly lower depths while retaining his buzzy, blown-out aesthetic.”

Clams Casino – “Crystals”, published 25/09/13 on Pitchfork

“Bouncy toms intermittently puncture the blanket of spectral eeriness, unseen objects springing from murky alleyways, before increasingly warped effects assert dominance, further embellishing the sense of foreboding. In spite of the constant unease, “Heavy Metals” is surprisingly palatable, darkly beguiling but not hostile. It evokes a similar atmosphere to Kuedo’s excellent Severant, with a focal point on noirish tones and dense fog shifts.”

Adam Marshall – “Heavy Metals”, published 23/09/13 on Pitchfork

“Melding elements of Detroit’s night-voyaging trackiness and Chicago’s unadulterated springboard glee, the end result is a seriously fun slice of dancefloor-primed house. Akin to an unearthed Virgo Four jam, “Equation”‘s indelible melodic line struts atop a bed of claps and hats, embellished by additional percussive squiggles. The brittle production of those early 12″s is given a welcome update, adding heft with punchy drums that oscillate wildly between tumbling in the foreground and sitting subdued in the back.”

Palms Trax – “Equation”, published 25/09/13 on Pitchfork

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