Gabriel Szatan

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Track Reviews: 16/09 – 22/09


“Mike Norris wastes little time getting down to business with a playful 4/4 track that’s all dappled sunlight and balmy climes, coating disco’s lumpen groove with a glistening matte to supremely pleasing effect. The results are evocative of the populist deep house that John Talabot firmly nailed on last year’s masterstroke ƒin.”

Fort Romeau – “Trust Me”, published 17/09/13 on Pitchfork

“They slide a number of wry tricks into “Imperfection”: fractional pauses that pockmark the rhythm, soft synth tones, and the (purposely imperfect) titular refrain. They keep the clicking percussive backbone fairly subtle, with just a hint of underfoot splatter in the kicks, freeing up the vocal snippets to dart past the strutting bassline.”

Bodhi – “Imperfection”, published 19/09/13 on Pitchfork

“The tune’s early momentum cedes to an anthemic climb, taking stylistic cues from the skyscraping synths of mid-2000s electro house and the rhythmic chug of ’80s hi-NRG Italo disco, blended together with expert craftsmanship.”

Tourist – “Together”, published 20/09/13 on Pitchfork



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