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Blog: Dimensions Festival, Pt.2


“I’d say it fit like a glove but that’s far too cutesy an expression for the peak time acid bombs raining down on the heaving crowd. Less al-Assad than al-absurd (forgive me), the reverberating walls of the dugout elevated their hardware assault to a level of head-crushing glory rarely seen since the mid-90s Tresor scene. In a clever mimicry of those golden days, even the hefty sound had a groove to it, alien funk pinging across the mix, just as Juan likely intended it. The blinding lightshow obscured their faces, but you could just about make out their furiously bobbing heads as they let rip frazzled waves of adjective-draining industrial nonsense. Eventually the sun began to poke its head over the parapet, leaving everyone to consider the 100% improved madness they had just been subjected to. Decent work, chaps.”

Dimensions Festival 2013: Days 1-2, published 06/09/13 on Dimensions Festival


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