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Blog: Outlook Festival, Pt.2


“I can’t think of anywhere more fun in the entire nation of Croatia for those ninety minutes. As if watching Ikonika and Cooly G leap into the photo pit to dance on the barrier with the crowd wasn’t enough, when Danjah got on the mic I began to grin so hard my face ached. While not exactly flawless (“WHEN I SAY CHAMPION, YOU SAY…no, hang on”) the freestyle over Everything But The Girl pretty much reduced me to tears of joy, his sense of humour not lost as he winced through a painfully off-key rendition of the chorus, and occasional shouts of “ooooh Champion” were as camp as Christmas. I could honestly go on and on. “If you love bassline you’re probably in the right place about now” – no shit. The dream team.”

Outlook Festival 2013: Days 4-5, published 03/09/13 on Outlook Festival


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