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Interview: Richie Hawtin [Unpublished]

richie hawtin

“Right now there’s a real upcycle in the music that’s coming out; with the artists coming into the scene. Like you said, I feel very re-energised and inspired. Right now it feels like, for me at least, a huge celebration in how incredible the scene has become. I’ve been involved in nearly 22 years now, so to see so many new fresh faces and some old friends all mixing together in so many new styles. There’s brand new music, futuristic music, music that looks back and celebrates where we came from. And all this is a big melting pot.”

“It’s taken a long time for us to welcome that diversity. In the 90s and even 2000s, it was like: trip-hop went this way, and dubstep went that way, and cheesy house went that way and, y’know, tech house went this way. They are all still their own microgenres, but it feels like they’re much more together, and the scene is cohesive in some way. And that’s a fucking cool thing.”

“In the beginning I wanted to be a carbon copy: I wanted to be like Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson, Juan Atkins. But by trying to be a carbon copy I found my own individuality and own identity within the world of electronic music and then I just followed that path. And that’s what everyone needs to do in this world, whether it’s electronic music or whatever. Be yourself – you’re not going to be right all the time – but just follow that stream and over time you’re going to build something greater and bigger than yourself.”

Sample excerpts above taken from an #(th)INSPIRATIONAL interview conducted 03/08/13 on behalf of Eastern Electrics. Full video available on request for strictly non-commercial purposes.

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