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Interview: CFCF


“To some degree the stuff happening now termed vaporwave or whatever comes out of a certain amount of satire, a bit of parody of the silliness of what was New Age in the ’90s – y’know, deep relaxation tapes and what have you. I use New Age to describe some music I put out because I have a genuine appreciation for some of that stuff from the late ’80s and mid-’90s. It’s a strange thing to talk about. On my EP The River and Continent, plus the last two and forthcoming material as well, it’s a direction I always tend to fall back on. I like using those soft sounds as a way to express things that are less commonly associated with that kind of music. For other people doing it now, the idea seems to be to take these samples or create new sounds and reposition it to express different ideas than were originally intended – not purely music for the purposes of relaxation, but to imbue it with intellectual ideas and very strong emotional connections as well.”

Interview: CFCF, published 22/07/13 at Red Bull Music Academy


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