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Review: Thundercat


“The meeting of Steven Ellis and Stephen Bruner comes up trumps with an incisive, often dazzling record that largely continues the stargazing blueprint laid down on Cosmogramma standout “MmmHmm.” Their working relationship is a wholly symbiotic one. Bruner reigns in some of his mentor’s intermittently distracting esoteric tendencies while Ellis simultaneously allows his protégé to roam outside the self-imposed confines of more conventional song structures. That sense of finely balanced duality affords Apocalypse the impression of being more than the sum of its individually impressive parts: hazy production on what would otherwise be out’n’out R’n’B jams keep them tantalisingly beyond reach, retaining a sense of intrigue even after multiple listens; conversely, Ellis’ mastery of dynamics nudges the less forthright cuts towards something approaching relative normality – well, when viewed through a Brainfeeder lens, perhaps. Recorded directly in the wake of the sudden, untimely death of close friend and preternaturally talented label stalwart Austin Peralta, it is an album laced with no small tragedy that somehow doubles up as one of the breeziest summer records of the year, the sunny yin to Until The Quiet Comes‘ crepuscular yang.”

Album Review: Thundercat – Apocalypse, published 08/07/13 on Beats Per Minute



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