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Interview: Call Super [Unpublished]


“I’m not so into talking about equipment or records in much depth because conversation on these topics is often banal. This is because it usually fits into two categories: i) ‘do you know about…’, which is frequently a form of one-upmanship, or ii) ‘i really like/dislike…’ which is opinion and conjecture. Curiosity is not marked by the amount that you check out. It is marked by what you look for. I don’t care if things pass me by and I like DJs who, through repeatedly drawing for certain tracks, use records like touchstones from which to explore whatever they want to in that particular set.

Needless to say it’s never been more important to limit oneself to what you’re exposed to in order to have a proper relationship with things that you discover and love. I don’t want to be constantly listening to something new once.”

– – –

What was your immediate reaction to the artwork that accompanied your FACT Mix?

“It was great. The negative reaction seemed to come from people having certain expectations when it comes to their visual language. It makes graphics and illustration homogenous. People delete ‘ugly’ photos, they avoid things that clash or present things in a way they’re not used to. It’s sad if things need to be visually ‘pretty/cool’ in a contemporary, simple or minimal way for it to not receive negative sniping online. Fuck that.”

– – –

If you were locked up with access to a phone, who would you call: Superman, Superhans, Super Saiyan Goku or the members of Supertramp?

“The third one as I have no idea what that is.”

– – –

Sample excerpts above taken from an interview conducted 19/06/13 on behalf of Dimensions Festival to accompany Call Super’s Exclusive Mix. Full transcription available on request for strictly non-commercial purposes.



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