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Interview: Midland [Unpublished]


“The first time I played Space in Ibiza, I was on my own in the Discoteca. Everyone said I had to play pretty hard in there – played way too hard. The second one, kind of got the idea. It’s a really hard room: it’s got to be big, but it can’t be too big because you’re warming up; it’s got to be interesting, but not too cerebral, but then equally you don’t want to play lots of boring, rolling tech house. In fact, Space is hard. Paul Woolford says the terrace is actually more scary. It’s where the locals come, and is a real baptism of fire.”

– – –

Have you been surprised by the ubiquity of ‘Trace’ in the last few months? It’s been everywhere.

“Yeah man – [nervous laughter] – I didn’t expect it. I mean, I set out to write something for the dancefloor, I’m not really going to hide that. I’ve been making music for quite a long time, but it’s over-complicated sometimes. When you’re in a club, what do you respond best to? Every time I tried to add more, I just said to myself, ‘no, keep it simple.’ But I am massively surprised. Nowadays you’re so used to people coming out with their first tune, 16 years old, and it’s massive. So I thought, ‘well if I haven’t done it now, it’s never going to happen.’ But yeah, happy days!”

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In light of the significant crossover appeal the scene within which you dwell in is having, what do you think of aspiring DJs and producers now looking to be playing on boats instead of in backrooms? Do you think too much mainstream exposure is a bad thing?

“Wow. I mean, these days people are in a spotlight; even if you’re not Disclosure, everything is scrutinised. It just depends if you want to be scrutinised, you know? I don’t think it’s ever been easier to get into the public eye, but in the same respect it’s almost never really been harder to do something lasting. I think as well as being in the age of instant celebrity, in our music scene it’s ‘the new person’. I’m aware that a couple of people have said my last record did well and there’s a bit of hype around me, and I’m very wary about that. Today’s hype is yesterday’s news. Head down, try and make everything different. I think that’s the good thing about England at the moment: everyone has high quality control. Or, at least, my contemporaries do.”

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Sample excerpts above taken from an interview conducted 05/05/13 on behalf of Dimensions Festival. Full audio available on request for strictly non-commercial purposes.



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