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Interview: J Rocc [Unpublished]


“They’re my crew man, FlyLo and Gaslamp, they’re the homies still, plus D-Styles, he’s a Beat Junkie and he DJs Low End Theory every weekend. It’s all connected; it’s not a farfetched thing to see one of us at Low End Theory or any of that. For me, that music reminds me of old Miami Bass and L.A. hip-hop. In L.A. in the 80s we had lowered trunks and cars with these systems rumbling, and driving round the street that’s all you would hear! So when I hear this stuff now it takes me back, like ‘oh shit, this ain’t nothing but what we used to play in our trunks!’ You want to hear that bass – it was gone from music for a while, and now it’s coming back. So yeah, I’m with that whole experimental beat scene. Trying to sound like Dilla and Madlib, or making beats like FlyLo. From the Ras Gs to DJ Nobodys, I’m with all of that. There’s a lot of new kids coming up, I support all of that man.”

– – –

Do you reckon the proliferation of digital DJing in the States and the way that electronic music is bleeding through into hip-hop is going to create a counter-movement which sees a revival in turntablism?

“Erm, I don’t see turntablism per se making a revival – I don’t think anyone’s going to want to get up there and do scratches all day. Skills will always be there, but scratching, nah, I don’t think that’ll come back as big as it was. There are still people who get busy on the cut, even Gaslamp always takes a second to scratch a siren or something like that.

It never left, it’s just being incorporated differently. Like, everything is being mish-mashed: I like hip-hop, I like house, boom! I’m going to make my own type of stuff I like, but it won’t sound like hip-house. Everybody is so influenced by everything…there’s no line anymore as far as hip-hop goes. Hip-hop now is Drake, Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz and stuff, that’s hip-hop to the mainstream. But the stuff the Brainfeeder crew does, or any of them cats do, that’s hip-hop to me.”

– – –

In light of Quasimoto’s return with a highly-awaited compilation record, if you could take his trademark brick to anyone in the world, who would it be and why?

“Oh shit! I don’t know who I’d take the brick to…take the brick to Quas! Pop him in the head, ask him where the new shit is. Yeah, he’s a dick. The brick would go right back to Quas.

– – –

Sample excerpts above taken from an interview conducted 28/04/13 on behalf of Pleasure Principle Weekender. Full video (featuring the man doing a frankly amazing DOOM impression) available on request for strictly non-commercial purposes.

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