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Interview: Ron Morelli & Steve Summers (L.I.E.S.) [Unpublished]


“Life has changed dramatically. I have a Bentley now, a chauffer, a maid, an apartment full of polished granite. Everything’s changed for Jason too – he owns five dog-walking businesses now. But nah, it’s business as usual. Keep moving along. Touring more, that’s about it, which is cool.” ~Ron Morelli

– – –

I read that your previous band toured with Q And Not U, correct? Were you, and are you still, a fan of that post-hardcore scene in D.C.?

“I actually was, for the most part, ignorant of that scene. I grew up a little bit outside of it and never got too deep into it. It was more my partner – Ari of Beautiful Swimmers – who was into that, but it was fun to tour with those guys.” ~Steve Summers

– – –

In recent interviews you have expressed a strong dislike for the ‘Russian torrent’ FunkySouls. What is it about you that irks you so much? Is it the fact that they were ripping your music, and then making fun of it as well?

[Through bouts of laughter] I mean, you got to hand it to them, they do a great job over there at, maybe? I don’t even know the site. No man, you put time and effort into putting out music and you want people to buy it. Obviously this is going to happen either way – someone’s going to rip it and put it on the internet or YouTube. It all came to a head at one point when some tracks ended up getting leaked. A friend of mine was like, “it’s on!” and I was like, for fucks sake. At least it could be on a website with a cooler URL! [Mock dancing] Funky souls, maaaaaan! How about nihilist house murder… I dunno. Shit’s gonna happen so it’s fine.” ~Ron Morelli

– – –

Sample excerpts above taken from an interview conducted 27/04/13 on behalf of Pleasure Principle Weekender. Full video available on request for strictly non-commercial purposes.

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