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Interview: Oneman [Unpublished]


“DJ Sneak makes killer wings? Oh really, I did not know that. Me, my BBQ speciality has got to be brisket. Yeah, a good bit of brisket. I think DJ Paul from Three 6 Mafia actually sells his own rubs on their website, which is sick. I need to try some of that.

– – –

Following on from the tour promoting Solitaire Volume 1, what do have in mind long-term for the series? If that was Vol.1, there must be more to come?

“It will probably be more personal, more studio based. I’ll do more work with artists and get more specials. I’m trying to source out some rappers in the States to do versions of tracks for me and the tape. At the moment, the UK and US are almost tied together. I wouldn’t say totally, but sonically there’s a lot of similarities in the music. In terms of the current commercial hip-hop sound and then the dancier stuff Night Slugs do, you can really see a comparison between the two.

I’m so obsessed with US rap at the moment – how good it is, and how young all these kids are – it reminds me of grime ten years ago when I was 15 or 16 listening to that stuff. I can see the same kind of energy coming from these kids. So yeah, on Volume 2 of the Solitarie series I’m going to try and bridge that gap with the UK scene – the Swamp stuff, the Numbers stuff, the Night Slugs stuff and the 502 stuff; something a bit more US-centric. After that, I don’t know. I could do anything really.”

So what is it about that new generation of US rappers – SpaceGhostPurrp, A$AP, Main Attrakionz – that captivates you?

“They’re just young and they don’t have the man behind the operation. They’re real, doing something real and it’s off their own back. They make their own beats, they find the studio time, go in and write their own lyrics, put them down on a track, and then upload it on YouTube themselves. It’s that same ethic that grime had. They would get a computer and a free copy of FruityLoops, make a beat, take it to a distributor who’ll print it on vinyl and put it out in the shops. That was it, they did it all themselves, with no-one behind the operation. That’s what attracted me to it: these kids are actually getting off their arses and doing something without being backed up by millions or even a record label – they just exist on Youtube, if you find them you find them! I almost feel like an A&R acting in that way, finding new talent and putting it on my radio show or in a set. It’s gratifying to be able to find new stuff as well, definitely.”

– – –

Sample excerpts above taken from an interview conducted 28/04/13 on behalf of Pleasure Principle Weekender. Full video available on request for strictly non-commercial purposes. I give Oneman a lyrics quiz, taken from his own favourite tracks, which he turns out to be useless at. Well worth a watch!

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