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Interview: Portico Quartet [Unpublished]


“I really enjoyed Dimensions last year, it was brilliant man! So much good music. We were just excited to play something where, looking at every stage, we were hard-pressed to choose which one to go to. It’s a lovely festival. I feel we went down well too, had a nice crowd. We are quite different to a lot of people playing there, and I suppose that’s why it was great for people to come see something a little bit removed from the rest of it.”

– – –

A lot of the dialogue about Portico Quartet revolves around the shifts you’ve had both live and on record over the years. There seems to be a lot of talk about less utilisation of the hang – I know that came with a line-up chance a couple of years ago. Do you reckon it might be phased out completely by the 4th LP?

“I think we’ve always loved to not be too concerned with what we’ve done before, and have changed quite a bit because of that. But at the same time it’s part of our sound, and if it fits the tune we wouldn’t purposefully step away from it.. But we’ve only written bits and bobs so far, so I don’t know. It’s probably gone from being a central, central instrument in the band to part of the palette now. Whereas before it was on every track, now there are times where it will suit beautifully but I don’t think too many songs will feature it.”

– – –

Do you think any of those experimental techno / ambient influences on the mix – Lukid, Andy Stott, Oneohtrix & Hecker – will bleed through to the new record? As you say, it’s all about evolution and you like showcasing different sides of the band. Could that be the next step?

“Yeah, it’s always a tricky one what you see as something that inspires you that’s not a direct influence. I’d say that to a certain extend it blends into the way we perceive music, I suppose, but I wouldn’t say that it’s necessarily going to sound like any of those people. But they’re all doing interesting stuff. It will bleed in some way, but we’re not going to make an ambient techno record just yet. It’s not like [feigns concentration] “hmmmmm, Tim Hecker….right, we’re ready to record!””

– – –

Sample excerpts above taken from an interview conducted 17/04/13 on behalf of Dimensions Festival to accompany Portico Quartet’s Dimensions Festival 2013 Mix. Full audio available on request for strictly non-commercial purposes.



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