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Interview: Jimmy Edgar [Unpublished]


“Machinedrum and I have both been really surprised by the reaction from JETS. We have been making music for years and friends forever, and really it was our friends who told us we should get together and finish it; they kind of lit the match under our ass to get it done. We’re both super surprised but we’re now supporting it as much as we can. Travis has Sepalcure, I have shit going on – we both are super busy, but we still manage to see each other and make music, so it’s beautiful. Other stuff in the pipeline? Yeah, we sure do. Not much I can talk about now, but yeah, we got some cool stuff coming.”

– – –

You’ve appeared on the Boiler Room a few times, in Berlin as well as at the W Hotel London. Do you think the globalised, broadly-inclusive nature of today’s musical landscape diminishes local scenes, or do you think it’s a good thing?

“I mean, to me it’s a gift of technology. Now anyone can tune in virtually to a party. I think that’s amazing, and it’s where it was heading for years so I have absolutely no complaints when things move forward. We have to buckle up and move with it.”

– – –

Have you had any bizarre or unfortunate situations arise with fans owing to the hypersexual nature of your work? Especially underage fans and/or their parents?

“Oh God, that reminds me of…er, I think I was DJing in Switzerland, and the promoter came up to me and he was all excited. He was like, “hey man, they loved the show, everything was amazing, here – someone gave this to me to give to you!” And it was something wrapped in a paper towel. I opened it up and it was some guy’s underwear…so, yeah. It’s my own fault!”

– – –

Sample excerpts above taken from an interview conducted 16/03/13 on behalf of Dimensions Festival. Full audio available on request for strictly non-commercial purposes.



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