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Blurbs: Anticipated Albums of 2013


“It’s little wonder that in a year as strong as 2010, come late October the release of a nervous, plodding synth-pop record by a band striving to distance themselves from the frazzled 2-step that had brought them to a wider audience didn’t have a tremendous impact outside small pockets of established fans.”

Darkstar – North, published 14/01/13 on Beats Per Minute

“Chalk it up to the influence of the club in both production and promotion, the dominance of 12″ within dance culture, proliferation of remixes, hyper-acceleration of scenes, perceptions of repetition inherent in its DNA – however you look at it, the long-player is simply not the favoured way to deliver this kind of material.”

NonPlus+ Records – Think + Change, published 14/01/13 on Beats Per Minute

“Considering his prolificacy earlier in his career even when ploughing through industrial levels of substances, it’s fair to assume that a marked slowdown in productivity, coupled with recent chatter about maturing as an artist, might well denote a stylistic shift from the ramshackle meld of garage rock and mall-punk for which he is known. To be perfectly honest, I hope he retains that sense of giddy abandon that made King Of The Beach such a riot.”

Wavves – Afraid Of Heights, published 14/01/13 on Beats Per Minute

“In amongst the gleeful frenzy caused by rumours of an imminent musical comeback – which isn’t to say his turn in The Social Network plus appearances on SNL parodying everyone from New Jack Swing groups to Bon Iver haven’t been supremely entertaining – a fellow music site posited the following question on their Facebook page: “Justin Timberlake is our generation’s __________?” Answers ranged from “Leo sayer” to “Number one douche,” “Smallpox” to “wasted embryo.” All these people, bluntly, are fucking idiots.”

Justin Timberlike – The 20/20 Experience, published 14/01/13 on Beats Per Minute

“The 00s were a bizarre period for countless reasons musically, but one of the more heartening curiosities to emerge from the digital swamp is how a Swedish brother-sister duo in Venetian masks quietly became one of the most celebrated acts of the entire decade, in spite of a relatively thin catalogue to their names.”

The Knife – Shaking The Habitual, published 14/01/13 on Beats Per Minute

“Following a dramatic rise in the past two years, it seems that MJC is no longer content being merely the MVP of deep house; a mainstream breakthrough looks increasingly likely by the day. Watch this (negative) space.”

Maya Jane Coles – TBA, published 14/01/13 on Beats Per Minute

“As is customary, there’s been some shuffling within the ranks of the band, and any disappointment felt over the departure of beastly Joey Castillo will be tempered by the return of not only bleedin’ Dave Grohl behind the kit, but also (somewhat controversially) their exiled, totally batshit bassist Nick Oliveri.”

Queens Of The Stone Age – TBA, published 14/01/13 on Beats Per Minute

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