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Review: BEMF


“Benji’s charisma shone through once he hopped on the mic, repeatedly praising New Yorkers for their vitality and labelling the city his second favourite (behind London, natch), before beckoning to the sound guys to properly engage the subs as he steamrolled through a reload of Bok Bok’s still-monstrous ‘Silo Pass’ into his final section, and perhaps the highlight of the entire festival: half an hour of furiously paced, rumbling hip-hop and trap that laid waste to the crowd. ASAP verses fed into Clams originals, Africa Hitech’s frenzied vocal leads rode roughshod over TNGHT’s thunderous bass drops and, as the sound quibbles subsided and the venue’s sonic potential fully realised, the intermittent flickers of frustration on Benji’s face transformed into a satisfied grin. His own dubplate of Nas’ ‘The Don’, which hilariously peppers the original track with snippets of his own name, segued into Slum Village’s ‘Fall-N-Love’, a tasteful nod to Benji’s Dilla fanboyism, before he wrapped up with The Mary Jane Girls’ 1982 smash ‘All Night Long’. If that makes for an exhausting read, well, it made for a shattering ride in the flesh; indeed, the only real downside to Benji’s scorched-earth blitzkrieg was that it had completely wiped me out”

Festival Review and Photos: Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival, November 9-10, 2012 – Brooklyn, NY, published 28/11/12 on Beats Per Minute

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