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Review: Moogfest


“As 1am approached the crowd had swelled fivefold and although hardly rammed the dancefloor had thawed out and people finally began to shed reservations and shift gears from Resident Evil shuffle up through septuagenarian sway, past drunk bob ‘n weave and into Flat Eric mode. A pocket of diehards flapping banners with the logos to both Hawtin’s longstanding M_nus label and new Ibiza project Enter @ Space brought a cheeky smile to his face, something reprised with increasing frequency as any early rigidity subsided and he began to consciously advance to more hefty fare, extending the blends and alternating between dark, spacey tech house and headstrong belters. Much as the opening salvo of skeletal tracks had begun to fold over one another, interlocking and gaining muscle, so too had the infrequent blurts of cheer become louder and more voluminous as the set progressed, and any early fluctuation in numbers halted almost entirely as those who had stayed past the first 15 minutes powered through to the end. As the final half hour commenced, like clockwork – a trait surely picked up as a Berlin expat as opposed to a Banbury native – Richie deployed a robust blast of sub-bass that was met with a roar of approval, neither of which had seemed a foregone conclusion an hour prior.”

Festival Review and Photos: Day 1, Moogfest, October 26, 2012 – Asheville, NC, published 05/11/12 on Beats Per Minute

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