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Blurbs: Top Albums of 00s


“Walking a fine line between Kele Okereke’s introvert lyrics and the extrovert, tightly-coiled music, Silent Alarm slots neatly into a wider canon of classic British albums that shoot for the moon and get pretty much all the way there.”

Bloc Party: Silent Alarm, published 05/07/12 on No Ripcord

“Paul Smith steps into his commanding role as one of the most enigmatic and entertaining frontmen of recent times with aplomb, while the band prove both tight and fluid in their playing, rocketing through the record and coming out the other side with a collection of fourteen of the best indie-pop tracks penned in the 00s”

Maxïmo Park: A Certain Trigger, published 06/07/12 on No Ripcord

“They remain the essential third element of the Triforce that banished nu-metal from the charts once and for all”

Franz Ferdinand: Franz Ferdinand, published 08/07/12 on No Ripcord

“The commonplace and mundane – sinking Kronenberg in the pub, fights in fish ‘n chip shops and stoned N64 sessions – are brought to life with startling clarity thanks to Skinner’s humorous and insightful wordplay”

The Streets: Original Pirate Material, published 09/07/12 on No Ripcord

“And lo, this young man who doted on insecurity, inequality and intellectualism changed the game entirely, going toe-to-toe with a glut of gangsters and thugs and rendering them irrelevant in one fell swoop.”

Kanye West: The College Dropout, published 09/07/12 on No Ripcord

“They’ve never bettered it; but, honestly, who has?”

Interpol: Turn On The Bright Lights, published 10/07/12 on No Ripcord



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